ProgStock 2021 COVID Mitigation Policy

As the producers of the ProgStock Festival, we take the health and safety of our artists, staff and audience very seriously and are therefore putting in place the following COVID mitigation policy for ProgStock 2021. In addition to following the guidance of local, state and federal health agencies, we have also been closely watching the evolving policies of other festivals and music venues in our region as the Delta variant continues to spread. We are personally aware of several breakthrough cases of COVID (vaccinated people who have tested positive and gotten ill), and do not want this to happen to any of our artists, staff or audience.

All artists, crew and staff are required to be fully vaccinated and may be rapid tested daily as an extra precaution upon first entering the theater, to allow for the close proximity and eating, drinking and show preparations that occur backstage. We will confirm the vaccination status of all band and crew members and any backstage guests prior to allowing anyone in the backstage area either prior to or upon arrival. Provisions will be made in the schedule to allow time for rapid tests to be administered, if deemed necessary.

All audience members are required to be fully vaccinated. We will confirm the vaccination status of all audience members prior to allowing anyone in the theater. Proof of vaccination and matching ID will be required at the door to claim your passes and confirm vaccination status. In addition, audience members will be temperature checked at each entry to the theatre. Provisions will be made in the schedule to allow time for temperature checking in the line.

Masking is strongly suggested in the lobby and the theatre. With eating/drinking of concessions, a mask mandate would be hard to maintain and enforce, making the vaccination status and daily temperature checks so much more important. Masking will be required in the meet and greet area and Paul Whitehead’s gallery.

We have been purposefully careful with our schedule this year to put plenty of space in between shows to provide time for rest and meals. Please be even more vigilant than normal about the state of your wellness. If you don’t feel well, please don’t come to the theater. Contact us and we will set you up with livestreaming for the day, so you don’t miss the show.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we bring you the festival we all love while trying to keep us all safe and healthy!