Change in the Festival Lineup

First a statement from McStine & Minnemann & Keneally & D’Virgilio…

“After much deliberation, we’ve realized that we are unable to assemble for a performance at ProgStock this year. We want to thank Ann Rinaldi, Tom Palmieri and the entire ProgStock team for the opportunity to be a part of their wonderful festival. We feel badly that we’re unable to play, but we hope that all attendees continue to look forward to an inspiring weekend of music. Be well and we will see you soon.”
– Randy McStine, Marco Minnemann, Mike Keneally, Nick D’Virgilio

And, while we are sad to not have MMKD in our lineup for ProgStock 2021, we are happy to announce the addition of MMZ…

Mile Marker Zero is thrilled to be a part of Progstock 2021! We had so much fun performing for Virtual ProgStock 2020 and our ProgStock Virtual Series show, which we recorded for our latest album, Live & Confined. We are even more pumped to perform again for the ProgStock Festival with a live audience alongside so many great progressive acts! We are humbled to be asked to step in for those who couldn’t make it and are very excited to meet and perform for everyone in Rahway on October 2. This is going to RAWK!
– Dave Alley, Doug Alley, Mark Focarile, Jaco Lindito, and John Tuohy