Become a 5-Year Patron to Snag a Great Seat!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the seating at the Williams Center, so here’s the best way to answer those – the seat map! Those seats you see grayed out – those are our 5-year Patrons! Notice, not everyone chooses the front row.

Williams Center Seat Map
Williams Center Seat Map


There are still some really excellent seats available, and you have a week to snag one as a new 5-year Patron, which will reserve your seat for ProgStock 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027!

Why become a 5-year Patron?

  • You get to lock in that favorite seat, but now I’m repeating myself
  • You get to sneak into the lobby and check out the merch at least 30 minutes before everyone else
  • You get front-of-line access to the meet-and-greets
  • You get a really cool merch pack with items donated by our artists along with ProgStock merch (some exclusive to our Patrons, including a special lanyard just like the one worn by our artists and staff)
  • You get free passes to any livestream we offer in between festivals
  • Occasionally, ProgStock alumni offer incentives to our Patrons for shows at other venues or on new music releases
  • You get to help us keep this incredible festival alive – Trust us, it’s an act of love, and every bit of help counts!
  • And because of that, you get our undying gratitude!

For more information, and some testimonials from our existing Patrons, click here!