Mr. ProgStock says, “Get your passes now!”

Attention ProgStockers!

We have a special offer for you that is good until Tuesday, July 23. If you purchase your 3-Day Pass to ProgStock between July 9 (today) at noon Eastern time and July 23 at 11:59AM Eastern time, you will receive a ProgStock 2019 t-shirt free when you arrive at the festival. We will contact you by email for sizing after the promotion ends. To qualify for this offer, you must purchase a 3-Day Pass to ProgStock 2019.

For a further incentive, we want to let you know that on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at noon Eastern time, prices of passes to ProgStock 2019 will increase by $10 per day. That means the 3-Day Pass will go from the current $195 to $225, and the 1-Day Passes will go from the current $75 (Friday), $105 (Saturday), $115 (Sunday) to $85 (Friday), $115 (Saturday), and $125 (Sunday).

Avoid price increases and get a free t-shirt (3-Day Passes only)… Get Your Passes Now!

Mr. ProgStock
Mr. ProgStock