Jane Getter Premonition

Jane Getter Live in Detroit
Jane Getter Live in Detroit

“Getter is clearly an impeccable guitarist and a fine singer,” says Rebel Noise of Jane Getter. She has performed and recorded with many music icons, including legendary jazz/blues organist Brother Jack McDuff, Return To Forever drummer Lenny White, vocalist Ursala Dudziak, as well as Jaimoe (of the Allman Brothers), Michal Urbaniak, Kenny Garrett, The Roots the jam, Regina Carter, Headhunters drummer Mike Clark, and many others. She also received worldwide exposure playing in The Saturday Night Live Band, and is an award winning composer, receiving the ASCAP/Gershwin award for Music for Theatre or Dance

Jane has regularly appeared in Guitar Player Magazine, most recently with feature interviews in 2013 and 2015. Her fifth album, the live “ON Tour” from 2017, continues to receive rave reviews such as “Electrifying, brilliant blazing Jane Getter Premonition – ON TOUR”…Contemporary Fusion Reviews. Her current band Jane Getter Premonition features an all-star lineup of Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson), Alex Skolnick (Testament, Ozzy Osbourne), Mark Egan (Pat Metheny, Gil Evans), Chad Wackerman (Alan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa) and has toured nationally and internationally, with appearances in Austria’s Outreach Jazz Festival, SFJazz Festival, India’s Bb Bar, NYC’s The Iridium, Warsaw’s Guitar City, Netherland’s North Sea Jazz Club and many more.

Jane Getter Premonition
Jane Getter Premonition

Jane Getter – guitar, vocals
Adam Holzman – keyboards
Alex Skolnick – guitar
Randy McStine – vocals
Mark Egan – bass
Gene Lake – drums

Jane Getter Website: www.janegetter.com
Jane Getter Premonition: http://www.madfishmusic.com/artists/jane-getter-premonition/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jane-Getter/237319986301449
Twitter: https://twitter.com/janegetter