Salem Hill

Salem Hill
Salem Hill

Salem Hill was formed by Carl Groves in the early nineties. Groves had been performing original music in various bands since high school and college, showcasing songs of greater complexity and length than the popular fare of the time. After changing their name from “Window” shortly after graduating from Belmont University, Groves, with childhood chum, Michael Dearing on guitar and keys, fellow Belmont alumni Patrick Henry on bass and Kevin Thomas on drums, the band released “Salem Hill” in 1991. The release was met with thunderous–even deafening–anonymity. “Different Worlds” followed in 1993 with a similarly tepid response. After discovering the Internet in the mid-nineties–the internet discovered Salem Hill right back. The third album, “Catatonia”, caught the attention of folks all over the world and helped form a fan base which has stayed with the band even decades later. 1998’s “The Robbery of Murder” solidified the band’s place in the blossoming “second wave of Prog”.

The band followed the success of “The Robbery of Murder” with “Not Everybody’s Gold” in 2000 and “Be” in 2003 and “Mimi’s Magic Moment” in 2008. The wide differences in these three albums typify Salem Hill and at times has both thrilled and confounded fans. While “Be” was a guitar-driven, 13-song, story album, “MMM” was an unabashedly “old-school” symphonic prog album, with 4 songs, 3 of which clocked in around 20 minutes. Salem Hill has continued to mix things up, writing and releasing what Groves says is “honest stuff, reflecting where and who we are at that moment. If it means a 4-minute guitar rocker or a 28 minute suite slathered in keyboards, so be it; it is what it is.”


  • The Unseen Cord/Thicker Than Water (2015)
  • Pennies In The Karma Jar (2010)
  • Mystery Loves Company (Live DVD) (2005)
  • Mimi’s Magic Moment (2005)
  • Be (2003)
  • Puppet Show (2003)
  • Different Worlds (2001 Remaster of Salem Hill II)
  • Not Everybody’s Gold (2000)
  • The Robbery Of Murder (1998)
  • Catatonia (1997)
  • Salem Hill II (1994)
  • Salem Hill (1993)

Band Lineup

  • Michael Dearing – vocals, guitars, keys
  • Carl Groves – vocals, guitars, keys
  • Patrick Henry – vocals, bass
  • Kevin Thomas – vocals, drums