Big Announcement on House of Prog Radio Show

Live on the The Waiting Room with The Prog Doctor on The House of Prog last night with the “Prog Doctor” Marty Dorfman – Festival Organizer Thomas Palmieri announced that ProgStock Festival is a GO!! It’s happening!! Woo-Hoo!

You can still get your “Boarding Passes” (tickets) through PledgeMusic here:

If you still need or want more information, please check out all of the information on the ProgStock Festival website:

ProgStock Hotel and Late Night Updates

As you know, ProgStock’s daily performances will take place October 13-15, 2017 at the Union County Performing Arts Center (or UCPAC) theater located at 1601 Irving Street, Rahway, New Jersey 07065.  After each performance, meet & greet sessions with the performers will take place at Patria Latin Bistro and Lounge, which is located directly behind the UCPAC theater building.  This wonderful restaurant will host our “vendor fair”, where you can browse merchandise from our sponsors and partners all weekend long…and it will also host our Late Night Events within its spacious party lounge!

NOTE: We have changed which hotel will be our “host” hotel!

We’ve found an excellent choice that is in a perfect location very close to the UCPAC theater: the Home2 Suites by Hilton located at 667 East Milton Avenue, Rahway, New Jersey 07065.  This hotel is where the artists, staff, and special guests of ProgStock will stay throughout the weekend. It is an extremely short and easy drive from the theater, and provides free standard wi-fi, free parking, and free breakfast for everyone. We’ve negotiated a special nightly rate for ProgStock attendees, so come stay at this amazing hotel with us! This rate is $129/night and will apply to all three nights of the festival, from check-in on Friday, October 13 through check-out on Monday, October 16…and they will even honor that rate if you wish to come in one day earlier! You can call the Home2 Suites by Hilton directly and ask for the ProgStock nightly rate (this is the recommended option), or you can book online at their website…but, if you do book online, you will need to give the hotel a call so they can update your nightly rate to our special ProgStock rate.

Of course, you can choose from any of the numerous great hotels in and around Rahway…whatever suits you best! But, another good choice is right next-door to the Home2 Suites by Hilton, the Best Western Riverview Inn & Suites located at 1747 Paterson Street, Rahway, New Jersey 07065.  This hotel is also an extremely short and easy drive from the UCPAC theater, and also provides free standard wi-fi, free parking, and free breakfast for everyone. We have worked out an incredible nightly ProgStock rate of $99.99/night for this hotel, which will apply to all three nights of the festival, from check-in on Friday, October 13 through check-out on Monday, October 16…and they will also honor that rate if you come in one day earlier! Call the Best Western Riverview Inn & Suites directly and ask for the ProgStock nightly rate (recommended), or book online at their website…but, if you do book online, you will need to give the hotel a call so they can update your nightly rate to our special ProgStock rate.

Getting To/From the Venue/Hotels

For those folks who will not have their own vehicle with them at the festival…there are many options for getting between the venue and hotels. First, as always, you can carpool with friends (you will see plenty of old ones, and make plenty of new ones, at this festival!) and get where you need to be. Hands down, that’s most likely going to cover all the needs you have in this department. There’s always taxicabs, which will be quite aware of the festival and easy to grab (and our staff will help you, if needed). But also keep in mind that Uber and Lyft are available, too…it’s a commuter town, after all! Cost estimates between the UCPAC and the Home2 Suites are around $6 (car) and $10 (SUV). Similar costs will get you to/from the Best Western, too. Share any of those rides with friends, and you’ll do just fine!

We’re working hard to make this happen!

The ProgStock Festival team is committed to making sure that this year’s festival happens!  In addition to our PledgeMusic campaign, we are currently pursuing other funding via sponsorships and donations.  If you would like to make a personal donation to support the ProgStock Festival, we can offer you a 501(c)(3) receipt for tax purposes…so please contact us if you are interested in helping us!

Just 13 days left to Pledge your support!  Once we reach our funding goal, people who have pledged by July 31st will get special gifts… if you haven’t done so, make sure you get your “Boarding Passes” (tickets) over at:

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in October in New Jersey!

ProgStock Festival Organizer Featured in Prog Magazine

ProgStock Festival organizer Tom Palmeri was recently interviewed for PROG Magazine (UK), and profiled in Issue 77!

“It’s about going somewhere for three days, enjoying the festival experience and being among like-minded music fans….We’re not trying to take a piece of the pie; we want to help everyone build a bigger pie.”

If you’re not a PROG Magazine physical print or digital edition subscriber, you can read the interview here:

ProgStock Festival: Cell15

Cell15 is the brainchild of Robert “Bob” Richardson.  In 2011, Robert had decided he wanted to write the progressive rock style that he loved. Raised on the great prog of the past, his love for “King Crimson”, “Gentle Giant”, “Yes”, “Genesis” and “Pink Floyd” influenced this musical decision. Twenty years of recovery had given him the subject matter, the advantage of owning his own recording studio gave him the place to work, and Cell15 was born. The idea of a concept album to tell the story of what happened twenty years ago to present served as the guide for where the music would go. “This is the first time I had the lyrics in mind before the music was written. I had to keep the focus on the story being told”, Robert said.  The Cell15 album/CD titled Chapter One was released September 2014.

The debut release was well received internationally. Prog Rock radio stations were adding tracks to their playlists, and gave the award for “Debut Album of the Year”.  In a review from affiliate Rob Rutz, Rob writes: “From the first recoil of the complex kit’s snare drum, followed by locomotive-strength symphonic keys, listeners are propelled like shot in a sling into Cell15’s powerful breakthrough debut album, Chapter One. This is a driving progressive rock concept album that’s befitting of the most-capable, well-powered sound system.  Cell15’s Chapter One album goes beyond masterful poly-rhythmic drums, full-bodied keyboards and driving bass, though. It’s one hell of a story that portrays a dark life, capture and prison time, followed by twists of realization, understanding and an epic light show conclusion that begs for cathedral acoustics. Listeners are strapped into this soulfully sung script that was penned over a 20-year timeframe. Arranged and performed by veteran music artist Robert Richardson, Cell15 will remind listeners of Transatlantic, Genesis and IQ, but its classic rock influences and meaningful vocals would also entice any Kansas or Queen fan.”

2015 was the year of forming the full time band to promote Cell15. After many auditions, a lineup of accomplished musicians was established. With Shane Jones on guitar, Kevin Thomas on drums, and new recruit Dan MacDonald (formerly of Elephants of Scotland) on bass, a musical bond was formed to pursue recording more progressive rock music with a killer show sure to excite any audience.

ProgStock Festival: 3RDegree

Formed in late 1990 when founder Robert James Pashman found drummer Rob Durham and soon after guitarist Patrick Kliesch, the musical mold was cast and best captured in words in a tongue in cheek-laden shirt much later: “3RDegree: Defiling Perfectly Good Songs With Prog Since 1990”.  After a run as power trio the band found juggernaut George Dobbs to sing on their ’96 sophomore effort Human Interest Story.  Breaking up in ’97 only to reform in ’05 the now expanded band (including Eric Pseja & Bryan Zeigler on guitar) would put out three more studio albums, with their 2015 effort Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1 garnering the best reviews and year end accolades (Top 3 album at and Top 10 at ever, culminating in a 5 country European tour.  The band’s live resumé includes appearances at RoSfest (USA), Summer’s End (UK-Wales), Terra Incognita (Canada) and ProgDay (USA). Their new album Ones & Zeros: Vol. 0 will be played to fresh ears at ProgStock!

ProgStock Festival: Kevin Gilbert All-Star Tribute

Randy McStine Presents a Kevin Gilbert Retrospective featuring: Nick D’Virgilio, Don Carr and Lloyd Landesman

Who was Kevin Gilbert?  Who is doing this Retrospective?

Our all-star tribute is for Kevin Matthew Gilbert (November 20, 1966 – May 18, 1996). Kevin was an American songwriter, musician, composer, producer and collaborator. Kevin was also an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist who played keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, cello, and drums. He toured with Eddie Money before winning the 1988 Yamaha SOUNDCHECK International Rock Music Competition with his progressive rock group Giraffe. Producer Patrick Leonard was impressed with Gilbert’s performance at the competition and invited him to join him in forming a new band which became Toy Matinee. During this time, Gilbert worked on the projects of many musicians and producers, including MadonnaMichael Jackson, Keith Emerson, Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell, Susanna Hoffs, Linda Perry, and Genesis.  For more in-depth info on Mr. Gilbert, please see the ProgStock Artist page for this event:
Randy McStine Presents a Kevin Gilbert Retrospective

Randy McStine (The Fringe, Lo-Fi Resistance) is a 28-year old guitarist, songwriter, and producer.  He recorded his first album when he was 11 years old, and hasn’t stopped since.  Randy’s own bands include Lo-Fi Resistance and The Fringe.  Randy has also recorded and performed with a diverse list of talent, including Sound of Contact, Dave Kerzner, the Pink Floyd Experience, Jane Getter Premonition, Stu Hamm, and members of King Crimson, Tears For Fears, Porcupine Tree, Miles Davis, and Joe Satriani.  Randy has performed on the Moody Blues Cruise, the YES Cruise to the Edge, RoSfest, Progtoberfest, and the Marillion Weekend, just to name a few.  Those of you who have seen Randy perform live know that he is the perfect person to be leading this tribute to Kevin Gilbert.

Nick D’Virgilio is an American drummer and multi-instrumentalist musician, often referred to as NDV, best known as a former member of the progressive rock band Spock’s Beard.  He was also one of two drummers chosen to replace Phil Collins in Genesis on the Calling All Stations album. He has also toured and done session work with many artists including Tears for Fears and Mystery, and is an official member of Big Big Train and The Fringe.  Nick’s previous work with Kevin Gilbert’s material makes him a perfect fit for this event.

Don Carr is a legendary Nashville guitarist, best known for his 23 years of work with the Oak Ridge Boys.  Don collaborated with other musicians writing, recording, and performing a wide variety of original music and also found success as a sideman and session guitarist.   The mix of original music and sideman proved to be a potent one, providing him with the skills to perform and record with diverse artists such as David Slater, Danielle Alexander, Shelley West, Girls Next Door, Earl Thomas Conlee, Tommy Tutone, Marie Osmond, JoDee Messina, Sarah Evans, Colin Raye, BJ Thomas, and Tim McGraw.  Don has made over 100 television appearances, been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and made a member of the famed Grand Ole Opry.

Lloyd Landesman is a veteran live and studio musician, with talents for piano, organ, keyboards, vocals, composing, arranging, and producing.  Recent live work includes fronting his own fusion band, Meridian Voice Project, and performing with the heavy progressive rock band Fright Pig at RoSfest 2014.  Lloyd has recorded with artists such as Foreigner, Squeeze, Carl Perkins, Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Clarence Clemons (E Street Band), Michael Bolton, Johnny and Edgar Winter and many more. In addition, he has composed and produced hundreds of commercial spots for television including The Super Bowl, CBS NCAA College Football, SEC Football, Budweiser, Dr. Pepper, Cheerios, Chevy, Subway, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Pringles, Burger King, and the catchy “Every kiss begins with Kay” tagline for Kay Jewelers’ commercials.

ProgStock Festival: Glass Hammer

Friday night’s ProgStock 2017 headliner is 25-year veterans Glass Hammer!  They performed on the 2013 Cruise to the Edge; the 2014 Moody Blues Cruise; played RoSfest 2015; played Quebec’s Terra Incognita 2016 Festival; and are currently scheduled to perform at Italy’s Veruno Prog Festival (September 2017), and the 2018 Cruise to the Edge.

Check out one of their epic tracks from last-year’s critically-acclaimed concept album, Valkyrie:

ProgStock Festival: Aisles (from Chile)

Here at ProgStock, we’re excited to be exposing the U.S. East Coast to an international lineup not seen at other festivals.  Here are Aisles from Chile who just a few weeks ago, opened for Marillion​!

Please pledge now – get your “Boarding Passes” (tickets) now – at to ensure not only your spot, but also everyone else’s – so no one misses this great band from South America!

ProgStock Festival: The Tangent

Sunday night at ProgStock 2017 – a “double headliner” by Karmakanic and The Tangent!

The Tangent, the progressive rock group led by Andy Tillison, have recently announced the release of the first new music since 2015. Their new ninth studio album ‘The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery’ is set for release on 21st July 2017. The line-up for this album once again features Tillison on keyboards, vocals (and for the first time on a Tangent record – drums), Jonas Reingold on bass, Luke Machin on guitars and vocals, and Theo Travis on sax and flutes plus new member Marie-Eve de Gaultier on keys and vocals. There are also guest appearances from author/playwright and Chumbawamba founder Boff Whalley on vocals, and upcoming DJ/producer Matt Farrow.

Band leader Andy Tillison had this to say: “Roger Waters did prove the ability of Progressive Music to act as a vehicle to communicate ideas about the current world scene. In both Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” and his “Amused To Death” albums, Waters set a challenge to others in the genre. A challenge which has not been frequently accepted.”

The album sees The Tangent in political commentary mode once again – this time often focussing on the horrendous plight of refugees from war torn parts of the world – and the way in which they are treated by the West, and in particular by the tabloid press. The album laments the new trend in building walls and defending borders across the world yet takes time to look at the breakup of friendships and other more personal issues – along with a song about the fate of wildlife in the modern consumer world.

And it’s a Progressive Rock Record. Full of intricacies, long developed pieces, challenging arrangements and virtuoso playing from all members. New sounds and styles (the band have brought a DJ on board for some sections) – new voices and techniques (first female vocals in The Tangent since the “Not As Good As The Book” album 10 years ago). A new producer in the form ofLuke Machin whose open and deep/clear sound is a major factor of this album, a new drummer in the form of Andy Tillison who decided at long last (after drumming for 30 years) to let his own performances guide the rest of the band rather than adding another musician later. And after 13 years of asking, Jonas finally agreed to play some double bass in a song where Luke also plays some Scat guitar and Andy does a full on drum solo.

“The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” also features stellar artwork from Marvel / DC Comics artist Mark Buckingham. The sleeve of the album is totally based on the music it contains and was especially created for this project.  The album will be available on limited digipak CD, gatefold 2LP + CD, and digital download.

Look out for more information in the coming weeks!
The Tangent online: