Tickets & Merch

Great Prog festival seats and killer merch options? These are things that make Prog fans very happy…and as Prog fans ourselves, we get it! But…doing this takes planning, tons of effort, and a bit of cash. So, ProgStock will be a nearly 100% crowd-funded festival…and that means we need your support, as quickly as possible, so we can achieve our funding goal and make this thing happen!

And…if you make your pledges while we are still short of our funding goal, we’ll give you some great discounts and save you some of that cash!

Show Your Support and Help Make This Happen!

Thanks to our awesome partners at PledgeMusic, you can follow the link below to pledge your support for making ProgStock a success this year…but, please, please, please read the rest of this page first! Trust us, it’s important!

So…what does it mean to “pledge” your money on the PledgeMusic site? Will your money be safe? And, if we come up short…what happens to your pledged money? One reason we chose to work with PledgeMusic is how they handle the pledging process. Take a look here and you’ll see how PledgeMusic will handle your pledge:

Click Here for PledgeMusic FAQ on Pledge Payments

What will you get for pledging your hard-earned cash? Glad you asked! We want to deliver the same awesome festival experience to everyone, as much as we can…so there won’t be “VIP” or “Super VIP” or “Super-Duper VIP” options. To us, everyone is a VIP, so everyone will enjoy great shows, be able to meet-and-greet the artists, and mingle all weekend long with the artists and fellow fans. But, you can choose ways to “tailor” your experience with us. Here they are:

Select Your Favorite Seat: ProgStock’s Boarding Groups!

What’s so special about the front row? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We think you should be able to choose any seat you like, where you will be most comfortable for the entire festival. To us, this is about choice, not about arbitrary prices for certain sections and rows. Want first dibs on a loge seat? How about an aisle seat in the 10th row? Really want that front-row seat? Want to make your choice without fighting “the crush” of others vying for seats at the same time? We believe we’ve got an idea worth trying. ProgStock’s Boarding Group system is kinda like the boarding groups that some airlines use. You can choose to pledge a bit more money when selecting your boarding pass to have earlier access to choosing the seat you think is “just right” for you. Shortly after we meet our funding goal, we’ll send you an electronic boarding pass (think of it as a unique coupon code just for you), and give you access to our seat-selection website where you can “redeem” your boarding pass for the seat you want. Patrons who chose to join Boarding Group #1 will have first dibs to select any available seats in the house, will be part of a small group with the same privilege (less than 20% of the potential audience), and will have seven days to make their choices without the “pressure” of too many others in their way. Then, those in Boarding Group #2 will be able to select seats as part of a second small group with the same privilege (less than 30% of the potential audience), and will have seven days to make their choices. Finally, those in Boarding Group #3 will be able to select their seats from what remains. And remember…make your pledges to us while we are still short of our goal, and we’ll save you some money!

Party Into the Wee Hours: ProgStock’s Late Night Fun!

Some of us prefer to get a good night’s sleep. Some of us prefer to burn the candle at both ends and push into the wee hours. And some of us just want to hang out for a while with our friends and split the difference. Since we’re all about choices here at ProgStock, here is another choice you can make. If you wish to attend our two Late Night events at the Festival Hotel, starting at 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, then choose a boarding pass that includes a Late Night Pass when you pledge. A single Late Night Pass will grant one person access to both Late Night events. But, please keep in mind that we can only make 500 of these passes available…so pledge early to secure your pass. You’ll require one of these passes to get into our Late Night events…no exceptions! We don’t want the fire marshal to shut us down, do we? Pledge to us before we reach our goal, and you’ll get these passes for peanuts!

Show Off Your Prog: ProgStock’s Festival Merchandise!

Merch is indeed a happy topic, especially among Prog fans. ProgStock’s graphics guru is none other than world renowned artist Ed Unitsky, and we’ve unleashed his awesome talent to make unique and memorable images of our festival…just so you can proudly wear them on your bodies, display them on your walls, or drink delicious beverages from them! That’s how we die-hard Prog fans roll! We’re also trying to put together some very special and unique items that will make you remember ProgStock forever. So, watch this space and our announcements as we launch more and more merch options, including a host of wearable, practical, and collectible items to commemorate ProgStock’s inaugural year. Oh yeah…if you make your pledges to us before we reach our goal, you can score this merch at discounted prices!