ProgStock Festival: 3RDegree

Formed in late 1990 when founder Robert James Pashman found drummer Rob Durham and soon after guitarist Patrick Kliesch, the musical mold was cast and best captured in words in a tongue in cheek-laden shirt much later: “3RDegree: Defiling Perfectly Good Songs With Prog Since 1990”.  After a run as power trio the band found juggernaut George Dobbs to sing on their ’96 sophomore effort Human Interest Story.  Breaking up in ’97 only to reform in ’05 the now expanded band (including Eric Pseja & Bryan Zeigler on guitar) would put out three more studio albums, with their 2015 effort Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1 garnering the best reviews and year end accolades (Top 3 album at and Top 10 at ever, culminating in a 5 country European tour.  The band’s live resumé includes appearances at RoSfest (USA), Summer’s End (UK-Wales), Terra Incognita (Canada) and ProgDay (USA). Their new album Ones & Zeros: Vol. 0 will be played to fresh ears at ProgStock!