The ProgStock Experience

From Woodstock to the Cruise to the Edge; from Star Trek conventions to Comicon; for the past 50 years, people of like minds have gathered to share their passion for the arts.  ProgStock is no exception.  Just like other famous festivals around the world, ProgStock will be three days of fun, food, merriment, photos, recalling stories, hanging out with old pals, making new friends, and sharing in our mutual love of the musical genre we call PROG.

The music shall be spectacular!  Even if you haven’t heard of some of these bands before, it doesn’t matter, because we assure you, they are all excellent.  You’ve probably heard of the headliners, and the other acts are just as powerful and entertaining, in their own unique way.  All of the music presented is original, with these outstanding musicians honing their craft and stage presentations to deliver great and memorable performances.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take 5 minutes and check out this promotional video to get a glimpse of the ProgStock 2017 talent!

The Union County Performing Arts Center is great, the APA hotel is cool, but the best reason to come is because we’re making history, and we want you to be a part of it!  Don’t miss out on this chance to get away for a fun weekend, catch some new PROG music, and reconnect with the heart of the Progressive Rock Community!

If you still need more information, please check out all of the web pages here on the ProgStock website.  If you’re ready to get your “boarding pass” (tickets) and join us, just click the link below……..