The term ‘six by six’ can conjure various images.

It could be something of large and impressive stature or perhaps the dimensions of a newly discovered space on the planet. For some, it may be the exponential potential of those numbers. For others, it might bring to mind the rhythmic pulse of sound waves.

Now, for the initiated, for those in the know, SiX By SiX is perhaps all of those things. It’s also the name for an exciting new band. It’s a sizable collaboration filling a massive sonic space and driven by three renowned and diverse musicians of international origin. The anticipation is palpable as the group is about to release its eponymous debut album on the InsideOut Music label, part of Sony.

SiX By SiX is composed of three hugely accomplished and highly acclaimed musicians hailing from disparate corners of the globe and each with the pedigree to back up the claim. They are guitarist Ian Crichton from the acclaimed Canadian prog-rockers Saga, recognized as one of the top rock players in North America, powerhouse drummer Nigel Glockler of English heavy metal masters Saxon, and U.S. based Robert Berry, perhaps best known for his association with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer in their group ‘3’ on bass, keyboards and vocals.

The roots of SiX By SiX can be traced back decades to a time when Glockler and Berry were together as part of Yes guitarist Steve Howe’s continuation of the band GTR. Then there’s the Asia connection, where Crichton and Glockler contributed to sessions and recordings, while Berry was the link for his guitarist friend Pat Thrall joining that band. Time marches on, paths cross and fate brings these three musicians together, born from a conversation with an industry insider in the UK who connected Ian Crichton in the Toronto area with Robert Berry outside San Francisco, who in turn reached Glockler at his home on the south coast of England.

While the chemistry of the band transcends audio speakers and their sound is distinctly their own, comparisons to other power trios past and present will likely be inevitable. SiX By SiX boldly say, “Bring it on!”

Certainly, discerning listeners will hear an expansive guitar-driven pallet, paired sonically with the unique flavor of the Crichton/Berry songwriting collaboration. If you don’t already know Ian, Nigel, or Robert individually or collectively as SiX By SiX, you’ll likely know them soon. Management is in place; the record company has assembled an enthusiastic support team and a tour is in the works.

All in all, the SiX By SiX equation adds up to winning numbers. And that’s good news for everybody.

Official Website: https://sixbysixband.com/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sixbysixband

Meet the BAND
Ian Crichton, Nigel Glockler and Robert Berry

Ian Crichton

Ian Crichton began playing guitar at 12 years old. By 18, his first band, Kickback, performing a mix of cover and original material, became a staple on Canada’s Ontario-Quebec area club scene.

Ian joined forces with his brother Jim in 1977 to form Saga. He recorded his first record at the age of 20 and has since released 23 recordings with Saga. To date, Saga has sold roughly 10 million records and they continue to tour and perform around the world. Along the way, Ian has also recorded two well-received solo albums, logged hours of session work, and provided guitar work for others including Asia’s Aura record. Known for his melodic lines, lightning-fast runs, and inventive expression, Ian is a disciple of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and John McLaughlin among others. Ian has clearly succeeded in developing his own recognizable guitar style and is respected internationally. Critics and reviewers typically rave that Ian is not only one of Canada’s best guitarists, but one of the best in the world.

As the driving force behind SiX By SiX, Ian takes a cunning turn, in assembling another potent band but one that focuses on his guitar prowess. This time with established players, each with a celebrated past, refined skills, and unlimited potential.

Nigel Glockler

Nigel Glockler began his career in 1980 as the drummer for the British band Krakatoa. In 1981 he found an opportunity with singer Toyah. By the end of the year, he joined metal legends, Saxon. Except for two brief absences, Glockler has been behind his massive drum kit as an integral part of Saxon ever since.

Critics are unanimous that Saxon will always be somewhere near the top of any list of the world’s greatest hard rock bands. They’ve had eight UK Top 40 albums, including four UK Top 10 albums and two Top 5 albums. They’ve had numerous songs in the UK Singles Chart and chart success all over Europe and Japan, as well as success in the United States.

When asked about influences, Nigel notes, “Bill Ward was a big influence on me, more so than John Bonham, even though I love Zeppelin”. Glockler stepped away from Saxon in 1987 when invited by renowned guitarist Steve Howe to join a reformed line-up of the supergroup GTR. That line-up also included future SiX By SiX bandmate Robert Berry on guitar and keyboards.

Glockler then returned to Saxon in 1988. In the 1990s, he contributed to the albums Turbulence by Steve Howe and Asia’s Aura, along with a pair of albums by The Original Iron Men featuring former members of Iron Maiden. Nigel’s powerhouse drumming is the engine that drives SiX By SiX’s songs forwards relentlessly.

Robert Berry

Robert Berry began studying piano in earnest at 6 years old and by age 12 was recruited to join his first legitimate rock band with older musicians. He continued classical and jazz studies before entering university as a music major.

Robert first gained international attention with San Francisco-based Hush, releasing well-received recordings and then touring the U.S. in support of their efforts. In the mid-1980s Berry released his first solo album. That record garnered positive reviews in the most influential trade publications and attracted the attention of several major labels.

At the suggestion of one of those labels, Robert moved to the UK to work with guitarist Steve Howe (of Yes fame) along with drummer Nigel Glockler in an effort to revitalize GTR. When GTR stalled, Robert partnered with British rock legends Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer to form ‘3’. With Emerson and Palmer, Robert achieved a top ten charting single and toured the U.S.

Since then, Robert has released multiple solo efforts, played with Sammy Hagar, The Tubes and Ambrosia, released five recordings with Alliance, and reunited with Emerson to release ‘3.2’, as follow up to the debut to the Power of 3 album. In 2019 Berry released Third Impression as the closing piece of the ‘3’ trilogy.

Robert’s melodic sensibilities complement Ian’s extraordinary guitar and Nigel’s signature drumming perfectly.. .