Venue & Hotel

ProgStock’s Luxurious Venue

ProgStock’s daily performances will take place October 9-11, 2020 at the Union County Performing Arts Center (or UCPAC) theater located at 1601 Irving Street, Rahway, New Jersey 07065. After each performance, meet & greet sessions with the performers will take place either immediately outside the theater building or at other locations (which we will announce from stage) in downtown Rahway a short walk from the theater building. Other establishments within downtown Rahway will host our Late Night Events, again within walking distance of the theater. We’ve tried to make it easy to enjoy what our festival has to offer you…but, if the spirit moves you, there is the rest of the exciting city of Rahway for you to explore!

The historic Union County Performing Arts Center landmark was originally a vaudeville-era silent movie house. First opened in 1928, this is a beautifully restored multipurpose facility that is the centerpiece of the recently established arts district of Rahway, New Jersey. UCPAC is playing a vital role in the cultural renaissance of the community. UCPAC is run by a non-profit organization staffed by professional, hard-working employees and is supported by an outstanding volunteer corps and its local community of residents.

ProgStock’s “Host” Hotel (and more!)

Stay tuned…we will update you on our hotel recommendations very soon!

Getting To and From the Venue/Hotels

If you have your own vehicle while attending ProgStock, you can drive into Rahway each day and park for free at the Hamilton Stage building, which is part of the Union County Performing Arts Center located at 360 Hamilton Street, Rahway, NJ 07065 (just a short walk from the main theater).

We are also working on other parking accommodations for you…but, for those folks who won’t have their own vehicle with them at the festival (or don’t wish to drive back and forth), there are many options for getting between the venue and hotels. First, you can always carpool with friends (you will see plenty of familiar ones, and make plenty of new ones, at this festival!). Hands down, that’s most likely going to cover all the needs you have in this department. Some hotels (see above) may provide shuttle services you can use to get to/from downtown Rahway. There’s taxicabs, of course, which will be quite aware of the festival and easy to grab (our staff will help you, if needed). But also keep in mind that Uber and Lyft are available, too…it’s a commuter town, after all! Cost estimates between the UCPAC and most area hotels are around $6 (car) and $10 (SUV)…and, at any time of day or night (which is an important thing to consider!). Share any of those rides with friends, and you’ll do just fine!