5-Year Patrons

Thinking about becoming a ProgStock 5-Year Patron?

A ProgStock 5-Year Patron may select any available seat within our theater and reserve it for 5 years, starting with ProgStock 2019. Patrons receive a three-day pass to the festival and are also entitled to early access to the lobby on each day of the festival (about 30 minutes before others), first-in-line access to all artist meet-and-greet sessions, top-priority access to all late-night events, highly-valuable merchandise packages (to be determined later), and an exclusive ProgStock 5-Year Patron badge.

The price of a ProgStock 5-Year Patron Pass is $2,500 USD, and they are available by private arrangement only. These passes will remain available until the end-of-sales for all three-day passes (Tuesday, September 10, 2019)…but, starting April 30 you will have a two-week head-start on everyone else to lock-in your favorite seat for 5 years, so act quickly! Fill out our contact form below, and we will immediately contact you to help you select your seat.


As you probably know, festivals are very challenging to produce. So, there really is no guarantee that ProgStock will continue to happen every year for many years into the future. We are asking our ProgStock 5-Year Patrons to “bet” on us and on our future success by making a bold commitment to us. We also want others to witness the faith you have in us and the way we produce ProgStock. However, we want to be very clear and candid with you. We will not be able to refund any of the money you spend on a ProgStock 5-Year Patron Pass if, for some reason, an edition of the festival is cancelled or does not occur. As such, we need you to attest that you know you are placing your money at risk if you become a Patron of our festival. We completely understand if you think this is too great a financial risk to take…and, we greatly appreciate your show of faith in us if you do choose to become a ProgStock 5-Year Patron. We are quite confident that ProgStock will continue for many years to come…in fact, we are already in discussions with bands for ProgStock 2020 and beyond!

If you are ready to commit to becoming a ProgStock 5-Year Patron, please fill out this contact form, and we’ll contact you right away!