The Story of ProgStock

ProgStock’s main stage will feature music that most radio hosts would find to be too long and too complex to play on-the-air. Dancing in 7/8, indeed, is left to fans who are accustomed to calculating high math in their heads. It’s easy to assume — because even the massive force of Apple Music doesn’t feature a decent Prog option — that the genre is dead. Alas, the open internet is largely credited for bringing together Prog’s most loyal and growing fandom.

This three-day festival was founded to solve a few positive problems. First, even though a handful of fun Prog gatherings exist around the globe, artists are eager to play in the Northeast United States during the autumn months, where and when not much else in Prog circles takes place. Second, we know that Prog fans are seeking a comfortable, classy venue to see their favorite bands perform. Add in a great host town that’s close to a huge airport and regional rail transportation… and that’s most of ProgStock’s story. The only thing we need for this to be complete? You! And with you, there will be much rejoicing at America’s newest Progressive Rock Festival, which is ProgStock.

ProgStock’s Venue Address

Union County Performing Arts Center
1601 Irving St, Rahway, NJ 07065

A Little More about ProgStock’s Inaugural Venue

The historic Union County Performing Arts Center landmark was originally a vaudeville-era silent movie house. First opened in 1928, this is a beautifully restored multipurpose facility that is the centerpiece of the recently established arts district of Rahway, New Jersey. UCPAC is playing a vital role in the cultural renaissance of the community. UCPAC is run by a non-profit organization staffed by professional, hard-working employees and is supported by an outstanding volunteer corps and its local community of residents.